Hello, I'm Emily!

I believe in keeping life simple, joyful, and beautiful. 


I kicked off my career at age 19 when I walked into the largest community arts center on the East Coast and asked if I could be their first staff writer.  I joined their team as a sophomore in college.  It was heaven: promoting new exhibitions, interviewing artists, and writing the galleries’ brochures.

14 years later, I still love working with artists – and creative minds of all kinds. My clients amaze me with the stunning products, environments, and services they create for their customers.  It’s an honor to witness their creativity and a joy to impact their bottom line.

As a writer and designer, I understand the creative spirit and the sometimes emotional nature of your work.

I also know how to approach it from a business perspective: to position it strategically, describe it in writing, present it in design, and sell to your customers.

Clients tell me they love that I “get it” quickly – who they are, who their customers are, and how to create a deep connection. I listen to your unique goals, challenges, and dreams – and reflect that understanding as we work together.

As a creative person, I love pursuing inspiration and passion – but I’m also highly organized, efficient, and detail-oriented. I value your time and my well-honed process enables us to collaborate quickly and effectively.

When I am not creating for my clients or restoring my 1890 Victorian home in Bucks County, Pa., I’m speaking on self-care for professionals and entrepreneurs, co-hosting the Book Smart podcast, reading in the sun with a glass of malbec, or making a big batch of soup.  On really good days, I’m covering a canvas with oils or saluting the sun from my yoga mat.

On really, really good days, I’m exploring new possibilities with smart, creative people like you.


Listen Carefully

Understanding your business is the foundation for our collaboration.  When you bring me on board, I listen more than I talk.

Create Thoughtfully

The unique way you make your customer’s lives brighter and more beautiful – that’s our guiding light.  Defining and making this message shine is at the heart of our strategy to attract your best customers. 

Balance Beauty & Sales

It’s possible to create an online experience so lovely your customers want to click, call, buy, and come back again and again.  But they don’t buy if they don’t like what they see.  It’s why I choose my words wisely, build beautiful sales funnels, and create simple, graceful designs.

Plan & Organize

My clients will tell you I'm obsessively organized and that my planning results in a "practically painless" project!  Because I fully immerse myself in your project to create the most effective strategy, writing, and design for your business:

I am currently booking new projects in October, November, and beyond in 2019.