Beautiful Websites that Engage

Are you settling for a website that's "good enough?"

You're leaving business on the table.  I write and design websites that convert more customers, build your brand, and make you proud of your online presence. 

Worried that creating a new site will take too much time?

Timeline to launch?  Starts at just 6 weeks.

We create the vision together.  I handle the time-consuming tasks of writing, designing, and building your new site.  You focus your time and energy on what you do best serving your clients, creating new products, and running your business. 

Love the idea of Squarespace, but dizzy at the idea of figuring it out?

Squarespace is my happy place.  I love wrangling the puzzle pieces that build your new site: the design, strategy, copy, functionality, testing, trouble-shooting, best practices, and technology.  

When I'm done my work, I'll teach you how to love Squarespace, too. You'll feel in control, confident, and empowered to handle your site's updates and edits.

Keep your website current, beautiful, and useful and keep your sanity, too.

It begins with a conversation. →

Quick Website Analysis

Is your current site not delivering the results you want?

You don't need a new website.  You just need to get your site back on track, focused on being your business's best sales tool.  Get a specific action plan with my quick and comprehensive:

Website Analysis

Step 1: I'll conduct a full website (or landing page) analysis, reviewing your site from all angles, including:

  • A sales perspective 
  • An aesthetics perspective
  • A best practices in web design and digital marketing perspective
  • And finally, wrapping it all together, from a human perspective

Step 2: I analyze and answer for you:

  • Is your website intuitive and easy to navigate?
  • Will your target audience/customer like what they see?
  • Can they connect with what they are reading?
  • Do they feel moved -- emotionally and logically -- to take action?

Step 3: I create specific, actionable recommendations for building on your site's strengths and repairing its weaknesses.  We can work together to fix it fast, or you can hand off the action plan to your team.

Find out what's working, what needs work, and how to fix it fast and get back on track.

It begins with a conversation. 



"Emily is a great writer and designer.  She also took the time to listen, to understand my business and goals.  I really see myself reflected in the new site because of the input I had. 

Emily was great at letting me be me -- a very busy artist and designer -- while she took care of all the details for me!  She is talented, thoughtful, organized, and so easy to work with.  I’m so glad we were able to work together.  I never could have done this on my own.  I put off making a new website for years because I knew how much work it would be, but Emily made the process practically painless.  

And it worked!  The sales funnel and marketing message that Emily created caused new clients to contact me as soon as my site launched.  Thank you, Emily, for making beautiful things happen for Wild Chairy!"

– Andrea Mihalik, Owner, Wild Chairy