Writing that Resonates

Do you want more sales, but does “selling” make you feel icky?

I help you explain what makes your business unique so you can connect with your customers and build stronger relationships.  No selling required. 

We do this by creating connection.  By writing a mission statement that inspires.  An About or Home page that resonates.  Product and service descriptions so lovely and motivating that they call right to the soul of your customer, whose answer is “Yes!”  

How do you want to connect with your customers?

Website copy.  Mission statements.  About pages.  Home pages.  Soul statements.  Product and service descriptions.  

Do you hate writing, but want it to sound like you?

You’re going to love my method.  

The most impactful websites have a voice that’s authentic to you and your business.  But that doesn’t mean you have to write it.  I created a process that begins with an interview and ends with collaborative revision.  I guide you through it, empower you to share input and have a voice, and handle all the writing in between.  The result is writing with a heart and soul that feels like you. 

Want to know how I do that?

As a writing major, I learned that great writers follow the expression “show, don’t tell.”  It means the best writing comes alive as a result of “showing” through sharp details, true examples, and vivid imagery crafted carefully. 

To create powerful writing for my clients, I lead a discussion for us around your business goals, challenges, positioning, mission, joys, and inspiration.  All you have to do is talk.  Together, we crystalize the overall message we want to convey.  But the questions I’ve learned to ask will reveal the details, energy, passion, and humor that are true to you. 

Hearing you speak, understanding your vision, and uncovering these details provide me with all the tools I need to bring your story alive, from your own authentic voice.

It begins with a conversation. →

"I appreciate your writing, Emily.  The voice feels authentic to who I am and I felt like you really heard what I was trying to convey in our conversation.  Thank you for all your work on behalf of Bold Nest."

– Monica Anderson, Creator, Bold Nest

Emily is a great writer. She took the time to listen and understand my business and goals. I really see myself reflected in my new site. And it worked! The sales funnel and marketing message that Emily created caused new clients to contact me as soon as my site launched. Thank you, Emily, for making beautiful things happen for Wild Chairy!"

– Andrea Mihalik, 
Owner, Wild Chairy

"In addition to Emily's excellent writing skills, her pride in her work, integrity, and careful attention to detail are rare and appreciated qualities."

– Diane LaBelle, Executive Director, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts