Project Management that Makes an Impact

For select clients, I go beyond writing, websites, and design – and also provide obsessively organized, detail-oriented marketing administration and project management.

Not sure what that means? 

Clients contract with me to fill in the gaps on their team or in their own skill set.  They love that I have 10+ years of marketing and communications experience, am a skilled writer and designer, and that I'm hyper-organized, detail-oriented, and solutions-focused.  They especially love that I excel at seeing big projects through to completion with minimal oversight.

I take the pressure off you by making sure big projects and critical tasks are getting done – and done right.  You focus on the parts of your business where you have the most impact (and the most fun!).

Which tasks do you want to delegate?

Your Customer Communications & Office Administration
I analyze customer or vendor work flow, recommend improvements to streamline or automate your processes, oversee client engagements or administrative projects, write client/customer service communications, and/or handle administrative communications.

Your Publications & Marketing Materials
I produce or manage the production of your publications and marketing collateral, such as brochures, eBooks, specifications manuals, and book publishing – which may include oversight and management of the project lifecycle, or complete creation: concept, writing, editing, design/layout, and printing.

Your Website
I launch new websites by writing, designing, and building sites in Squarespace or WordPress – or by overseeing your hired developer or agency – and/or keep your current site updated (think: writing new website copy and blog posts, as well as posting new photos, products, and events).

Your Newsletter
I create and manage your editorial calendar, write and edit newsletter articles, incorporate promotions and unique ways to engage with your audience, design your newsletter, and/or oversee your stats and recommend strategy/content improvements.

Where are you leaving money on the table?  Are you...

  • Advancing business goals with strategic marketing, administration, and project management?
  • Building stronger, more profitable relationships with your existing clients and stakeholders?
  • Promoting what makes your business unique and your solutions undeniable? 
  • Calling your target customers to action?
  • Making a first impression that’s current and compelling in the digital age?

These are my results.

If your answer was “No” to any of the questions above, let’s uncover what success in that area looks like for you – and outline what actions we’ll take to get you there.

Retained and dedicated marketing, project management, and administration – performed at preferred rates. Contact me to learn more. 

It begins with a conversation. →

"Emily, thank you for sharing your abundant talents with me and our team as our Director of Marketing & Client Experience."  

– Shawn Kent Hayashi, Founder & CEO, The Professional Development Group

“Thank for all your hard work and for keeping so many plates spinning so gracefully.” 

– Karen Blomain, Professor, Kutztown University of Pennslyvania